Data Process Flow Insurance Broker Medical Health Insurance

How to manage the flow of Data to be compliance with IDD & GDPR?


This diagram explains the data process flow and how a CRM is the core of a Digital solution with Th


Think Insurtech Saas proof of concept international medical insurance distribution

What is a Proof of Concept?

This process is designed to determine whether a software idea can be implemented in the clients eco system and technical environment, what technologies should


Starter Edition Think Insurtech Insurance Broker Afflilate program

To Assure Compliance - Think Insurtech offers a Starter SaaS platform in Partnership with 30+ international healthcare providers and insurers.  


Think Insurtech Wellaway Partnership Master Distribution Agent

In the field of expatriate healthcare insurance, a challenge is providing expats living in the USA - international cover.


Think Insurtech SaaS partnership with Swiss Global Health Insurance

Engage IPMI Insurance broker to digitisation & compliance with Think Insurtech

We are pleased to announce the partnership of Think Insurtech