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QuickStart Guide Tutorial - ThinkInsurtech Individuals Platform

The ThinkInsurtech Individuals Platform provides you with the best healthcare plans you could offer. This platform makes the entire customer journey quick and effortless on both ends.


Data Process Flow Insurance Broker Medical Health Insurance

How to manage the flow of Data to be compliance with IDD & GDPR?


This diagram explains the data process flow and how a CRM is the core of a Digital solution with Th


Think Insurtech Saas proof of concept international medical insurance distribution

What is a Proof of Concept?

This process is designed to determine whether a software idea can be implemented in the clients eco system and technical environment, what technologies should


Starter Edition Think Insurtech Insurance Broker Afflilate program

To Assure Compliance - Think Insurtech offers a Starter SaaS platform in Partnership with 30+ international healthcare providers and insurers.  


Think Insurtech Wellaway Partnership Master Distribution Agent

In the field of expatriate healthcare insurance, a challenge is providing expats living in the USA - international cover.


Think Insurtech SaaS partnership with Swiss Global Health Insurance

Engage IPMI Insurance broker to digitisation & compliance with Think Insurtech

We are pleased to announce the partnership of Think Insurtech